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The team at PGC have been busy creating resources to spread the word about the revolution occurring in power electronics. Access free resources here, then feel free to get in touch to discuss this further.

Tech Deep Dive - Silicon Carbide

A deep dive into silicon carbide (SiC) market, to summarise what investors should know. Here, Prof Peter Gammon, talks about the power electronics market, material properties of SiC, suitability of SiC for high voltage applications, issues and challenges in producing SiC devices and the most important companies in the SiC supply chain.

What is this Material they call SiC?

Prof Peter Gammon was the guest on Jed Dorsheimer's Canaccord Genuity's Hidden Joule podcast, in which we discuss: 

  • SiC’s role in future mobility and transport of electricity.

  • EV adoption of SiC in traction inverters.

  • Our transistor “dam” metaphor to make the technology more understandable for those without a EE background.

  • Comparisons to silicon and to gallium nitride.


PGC Report on high voltage Silicon Carbide power device technology

At PGC, we can advise you on today's SiC market, but we also look to the future. As a greater percentage of energy comes from renewables, and electricity demand soars, high and ultra-high voltage SiC technology will ensure that less energy is wasted on route to our homes. In this report from PGC, we assessed the prospects for HV SiC devices. Below is a sample, please enquire for the full version.

IMG_20210124_205556 - 2.jpg

Other SiC Resources

TechInsights Blog Post

"Prospects for Commercial High Voltage Silicon Carbide Devices - a Summary"

An abridged version of the TechInsights blog post is free for to access. The full version is available for TechInsights Subscribers.

SiC Academic Research

World leading SiC research conducted at the University of Warwick

Find out more about Prof Gammon's research into HV devices, SiC fabrication and radiation hardening SiC at the Univerity of Warwick.