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Independent SiC R+D Services

PGC provide essential services related to the development of next-generation SiC Power Devices. Our expertise spans:

  • Substrate analysis and epitaxial growth

  • Power device fabrication, simulation and optimisation

  • Device characterisation, reliability and benchmarking.

Early-stage Prototyping

With access to a highly-flexible class 10,000 SiC research cleanroom, we help our customers develop new product ideas. We specialise in developing low-volume, early stage, and novel products that might be beyond the restrictive PDKs of pilot fabs. 

Example projects for the SiC industry have included:

  • Diode and MOSFET Processing on novel materials

  • Ultra-high voltage (>3.3kV) SiC power devices

  • Unconventional processes, e.g. ALD oxides, superjunction trenches. 

Processing Image.jpg
MOSFET BV Comparison.jpg

Benchmarking, testing and Reliability

As a group of independent specialists with expertise across the SiC cupply chain, we are able to provide our customers with benchmarking for their materials and devices.  

Example projects for the SiC industry have included:

  • Novel SiC Substrate analysis, including via physical analysis techniques, and via electrical test devices such as diodes and MOSFETs.

  • Commercial Power Device Benchmarking: comparing MOSFET electrical characteristics via both on- and off-datasheet values.

Device Optimisation and Digital Twins

PGC has the expertise to design SiC products that trade off and prioritise Efficiency, Cost and Reliability KPIs. We have developed our own devices and provided optimisation advice to customers. We also have experience developing digital twins of commercial SiC products, producing models with matched electrical performance.

MOSFET EF Simulation.jpg
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