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Consultancy Services

Advice for Investors, Media and the Semiconductor Industry

Expert advice on the silicon carbide industry. Extensive knowledge of the SiC supply chain from the material, substrates and epitaxy, to the fabrication of power electronic devices, and the applications they are used in. Up to date insight into the major players in the market, the future of the industry, and more.

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Expert Costs Analysis

Bespoke, IP free, modelling of the costs embedded in a SiC power device. Fully tailorable models to account for costs at each point of the supply chain including yield, packaging and depreciation. Reasoned projections into the future, and benchmarking to GaN and Si.

Independent Technical Analysis 

PGC keep up to date databases of device characteristics, information that allows for comparisons and benchmarking between device types (trench and planar) and between chip manufacturers. Independent verification of claims made by manufacturers, and comparisons via key metrics.


Media and Sector Commentary 

Experience discussing SiC and wide bandgap power electronics to a wide range of audiences. Previous appearances on podcasts and videos aimed at general audiences, technical specialists, the finance world and school children. 

Sector Focussed Reporting

Bespoke reporting from across the SiC value chain. From overviews of the field, the market and the key players, to the nuanced trade offs involved in the development of a device, we will provide professional reports tailored to your company's needs.

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Power Electronics Device Education

Tutorials or courses that can be tailored to the requirements of your company and its staff. From the fundamentals to more advanced concepts, topics can include semiconductors, wide bandgap technology, power device topology and design, device fabrication, reliability and more.

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