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Hello (SiC) World :-)

Today I have the pleasure of launching the PGC SiC blog. Over the last year, I have worked with a diverse array of customers, from finance and economic institutions, to major technology firms and OEMs.

These companies are united by an interest in this emerging semiconductor material, silicon carbide, which is beginning to be adopted by the EV auto makers, most visibly, as well as in industrial machines, in solar inverters and more besides.

PGC logo and SiC Blog

As a result, I have been asked some of the same questions quite frequently and these broadly fall into three categories.

There are of course questions about SiC the material and the electronic devices, the diodes and MOSFETs, made from it. This often covers the supply chain (bulk growth, epitaxy, fabrication and modules), the difference between trench and planar MOSFETs, and of course the differences to silicon.

There is great interest in the SiC market and the companies therein. Who are the major companies, who is the best (I can't answer that!), who owns who, and who covers which parts of the supply chain. What do you make of the press release by company X.

Finally there are the applications, covering EVs and beyond. I'm often asked about Tesla, and now Lucid Air, and their adoption of SiC. There is the potential shift from 400 V to 800 V in EVs and from 1000 V to 1500 V systems in PVs. What about SiC in on-board chargers or fast chargers.

Well, I consider there is enough in there to get started on!

In this blog I will seek to cover the latest news as it is released, and to release a series of guides to the market and to demystifying the technical jargon.

If you have a special request for a blog post or any feedback, add a comment, or send me an email!

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