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Holding back the tide

Imagine a transistor as a dam across a river. The purpose of the transistor-cum-dam is to turn on and off the flow of water (the electrical current) downstream from a reservoir (a battery) above. A large quantity of water in the reservoir will exert a large pressure (voltage) on the transistor-cum-dam

Sector Focussed Reporting

Old-fashioned transistor dams are made out of regular concrete (silicon), which is ten times less strong than a new reinforced concrete (silicon carbide - SiC). As we replace the transistor dams made of concrete (Si) with those made of reinforced concrete (SiC), the extra strength allows the dam wall (the amount of semiconductor used) to be ten times thinner, while withstanding the same pressure (voltage) as the old transistor dams. 

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Math Formulas

Power Electronics Education

Courses that can be tailored to the requirements of your company and its staff. From the fundamentals to more advanced concepts, topics can include semiconductors, wide bandgap technology, power device topology and design, device fabrication, reliability and more.

Product Qualification 

Expert qualification of high voltage, high current power devices. Characterisation to academic standards to improve performance, yield and reliability.

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Power Device Development

Expert guidance on the design, layout, optimisation and fabrication of SiC power semiconductor products.

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